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SemiconSoft, Inc is the premier source of thin-film thickness measurement instruments.We offer thin film measurement systems, optical spectroscopy tools and data analysis software.Our solutions are available for a variety of applications, from desktop and in-situ to in-line measurement.From polymer thickness to optical coatings thickness, practically any translucent material in 1nm - 1mm thickness range can be measured quickly and reliably :
  • oxides, nitrides, semiconductors, photoresists
  • thin-film solar cells
  • adhesives
  • LCD and touch screens
  • thin metals
  • hard coatings
  • biomedical coatings
  • polymer layers
  • polymer web
We take pride in building affordable, reliable and easy to use instruments for measurement of thickness. SemiconSoft, Inc is the maker of MProbe thin-film measurement systems, Plasma Monitor system and TFCompanion software - the de facto software for thin-film analysis.

Thin Film Data analysis softwareThin Film Data analysis softwareThin Film Data analysis software




Thickness measurement for polymers, coatings, thin film and more.

Thin film measurement solutions: desktop, in-situ and inline