Application Examples

MProbe system is used to measure thousands of applications, from LCD and touchscreens to photoresists, from polymer monolayers and compound semiconductors to food packaging, from 1nm thin films to 1 mm polymers. Practically, any translucent film can be measured quickly, easily and reliably – there are,literally, thousands of applications. Below on this page you can find some of the examples of applications.

Application Examples
PolymersPolymer films Polymer Measurement Examples A wide range of polymer films from 1nm to 1000um can measured using MProbe system. Freestanding polymer films and polymer coatings.
PolymersPolymer films Polymer Refractive Index Measurement Index of refraction of polymer coatings can be determined with high precision in many cases.
Photoresist Photoresist Photoresist Measurement Examples Different types of the photoresist can be easily measured from thin (~ 100nm) to thick (50um) types: on glass; on Si or metal substrate
Polymer/Photoresist Photoresist Polymer/Photoresist on Metal Example Typically thick Pr is measured with ~ 0.3-0.5% accuracy but in this example a relatively thick PR on rough metal is measured with high accuracy (~ 1nm)
Thin Film Solar Thin-film solar CIGS and CdS/CIGS Measurement Examples CIGS is widely used as a thin-film solar absorber. Thickness and composition (binary) of CIGS can be easily measured using MProbe VisNIR system. Additional layer of CdS and ZnO can be determined as well.
Thin Film Solar Thin-film solar CdS Measurement Example CdS is used as a passivation layer in the thin-film solar stack. Its optical properties are analyzed separately in order to measured accurately in the full solar stack
Thin Film Solar Thin-film solar ZnO Measurement Examples ZnO is used as a TCO in the film film solar stack. Its optical properties (n & k) can be analyzed accurately using MProbe
Thin Film Solar Thin-film solar Sb2Se3 Measurement Example Antimony Selenide is a promissing thin-film solar material. MProbe allows measurement of the n & k dispersion of this material
Hard coating Hard coating: curved surface Hard coating: measurement on curved surfaces In many cases hard coatings are deposited on curved surfaces – MProbe allows easy measurement of this coating as well as other coatings.
TouchscreenTouch screen application ITO and hardcoat on PET Touchscreens are widely used in smartphones and tables – MProbe allows easy measurement of layers on PET substrate
TouchscreenTouch screen application Small spot PR on PET Measurement in the small spot is easy with MProbe 40 system – this example shows 15um photoresit bumps on touch screen measured.
TouchscreenTouch screen application Thin ITO on LCD It is easy to measure ITO films but what about thin ITO on on top of the multilayer structure? This example shows how measurement in the wide spectral range allows to separate contribution of different layer/materials and measure a thin ITO layer on LCD quickly and accurately
MEMSMEMS application MEMS: Deep well measurement One of the challenges in MEMS measures is the need to measure in the deep wells with high aspect ratio – MProbe 40 is a perfect solution for this application
CMPCMP application CMP: in-situ measurement application Semiconsoft develop a reliable methods of in-situ measurement of CMP through the slurry and implemented it software and hardware.
nk and multilayerMultilayer/ n & k measurement Heterostructure measurement Heterostructure with 100s of layer pairs present measurement challenges. Semiconsoft developed software algorithm to dramatically reduce the number of independent parameters and make this measurement easy.
nk and multilayerMultilayer/ n & k measurement Various examples of n&k measurement application MProbe is used for measurement of many application where n&k and thickness need to determined simultaneously – here are some of the examples
nk and multilayerMultilayer/ n & k measurement Porous Si measurement Porous Si is typically measured using SEM and weighting methods to determine thickness and porosity of the layer MProbe Vis system is offering a quick accurate and low-cost measurement approach of the porous Si. This example shows the measurement of porous Si of different porosity and porous Si bi-layers
nk and multilayer n & k measurement Doped aSi application Ion-doping of the sSi changes optical properties of the material – MProbe allows quick measurement of the n&k and thickness of the doped layers
nk and multilayer n & k measurement SiGe multilayer application SiGe multilayer stack is used for thermal power to electricity conversion – MProbe allows quick measurement of the thicknesses and optical constants of the layers
nk and multilayer n & k measurement SiC bandgap measurement SiC thickness and optical dispersion can be easilyt measured – this example shows how the use of the Tauc-Lorentz dispersion approximation allows direct determination of the band-gap of the material
nk and multilayer n & k measurement OLED material application Many novel OLED material have unknown optical dispersion – this example show how MProbe allows to determine the optical dispersion and thickness of such application
On metal measurement On metal measurement Polyuretane on metal measurement application Measurement of polyuretane and other resins thickness on metal substrate is important in production environment – MProbe can accomplish this task quickly and non-destructively
On metal measurement On metal measurement Lubricant on steel measurement application Measurement of the lubricant layer thickness in high-precision mechanical system like watches is important to ensure reliable operation – MProbe can accomplish this task easily
On metal measurement On metal measurement Metal films: measurement limits MProbe is using spectroscopic reflectance for thickness measurement – only thin metal films can be measured.