Download: Instructions and Tutorials

MProbe System Instructions and Tutorials
Document Description Download Link
MProbe Installation A short MProbe set-up and Operation Manual that details steps to set-up the system and make the first measurementDownload
MProbe ‘First Measurement’ A short flash tutorial demonstrates a measurement process of the first sample after system is assembledDownload
MProbe Measurement 101 A short document looks ‘under the hood’ and describes details of the measurement process and different options. This information is not necessary for the use of MProbe and intended for persons interested to learn more details about the measurement backgroundDownload
FDTable assembly Assembly instruction for FD (face-down) sample table. Includes description of different options/configuration for reflectance and transmittance measurementDownload
TOSwitch installation TOSwitch is a computer controlled optical switch that allows to change between reflectance and transmittance configuration. It is used in -RT system (measurement of reflectance and transmittance). TOSwitch is typically installed inside MProbe main unit but external switches are also availableDownload
Mapping Stage installation Assembly instructions for a XY Motorized mapping stage.Download
Mapping Stage Tutorial Flash tutorial demonstrates setting and performing first measurement with the mapping stageDownload
Plasma Monitor User Guide The guide describes setting up and using of the Palsma MonitorDownload
Port Adapter Port Adapter is used with the in-situ system. It is attached to the optical port flange of the deposition chamber. Port adapter includes 2D reduced kinematic mount to adjust the optical system for reflectance measurementDownload

Software Documentation/Instructions
Document Description Download Link
StartUp Guide Quick guide to TFCompanion software. Describes main functionality and configuration options. Recommended to the new users of the softwareDownload
User Guide User guide to TFCompanion software. Comprehensive description of main functionalityDownload
Import Data formats Describes data formats that can be used to import measured data in TFCompanion software.Download
Parameters types and conventions Describes parameters types and convensions used in TFCompanion softwareDownload
Filmstack Import Filmstacks created in TFCompanion software can be exported/imported to another TFCompanion installation. This document describes the details of the procedure.Download
Measurement Recipes Import Measurement recipes used in MProbe/TFCompanion can be exported/imported to another TFCompanion installation. This document describes the details of the procedure.Download