The Mapping Stage Accessory

Mapping Stage with MProbe SystemMapping Stage with MProbe System

The Mapping Stage accessory is compatible with MProbe 20 and MProbe 40 systems.. It allows to measure thickness, and other parameters, uniformity across the surface of the sample. It is a complete system that includes all the hardware: mechanical parts,controller and software. Select the size of the stage and options that fit your requirements.
Easy to use and affordable, the Mapping Stage is setup on a solid platform to provide stable operation in the lab or manufacturing environment.

Watch Mapping Measurement

What’s in the box?

  • XY Motorized Mapping stage
  • 19″x19″ (480x480mm) solid aluminum platform
  • Stepper motors controller (mounted on the platform) with USB interface
  • Reflectance probe holder
  • Focusing lens (Quartz)
  • Mapping Software plugin for TFCompanion software and drivers
  • USB cable
  • 24VDC Universal power adapter (110V/220V)
Setup of Mapping MeasurementSetup of Mapping Measurement

Mapping Stage Configuration Options
-150XYM6”x6” (150x150mm) XY motorized stage standard
-200XYM8 x8”(200x200mm) XY motorized stage
-300XYM12×12”(300x300mm) XY motorized stage
-VACVacuum chuck (Sample holder insert with micro-holes and a motor pump)
– TRTransmittance measurement fixture (glass or quartz insert/ transmittance receptor(lens/mirror cube) with SMA connector installed on platform/ 1 m fiberoptics cable)

Mapping Stage Specification
Position precision<2µm
Resolution < 0.5 µm
Drive Stepper Motors
Controller Integrated with stage/256 microsteps/24VDC
Communication USB 2.0
Dimension 19” x 19” x 10”
Weight 12 kg

Mapping Stage brochure