The MProbe 40: MSP  Thin Film Measurement System

MProbe 40 MSP

MProbe 40 (MSP) for thin film measurement with small spot size

The MProbe 40 is a complete thin-film measurement system. Select the model and options the fit best for your application requirements or let us know your application and we will help to select…

You’ll be ready to start measurements –everything is included.

Our extensive materials library has 500+ materials, with easy import/creation of the new materials and support for a wide range of parametrized materials (from Cauchy to Tauc-Lorentz) is included.

One-click measurement combines data acquisition (reflection or transmittance spectrum) and data analysis. Everybody is a measurement expert with MProbe!

Of course, we have all the sophisticated tools including sensitivity analysis, error-estimator, simulation, filmstack switching, global optimization, layers and materials linking, etc. for complicated applications development

Reflectance and transmittance spectral data can also be used as a raw measurement (for example, as in spectrophotometer) or a for a wide range of other applications.

What’s in the box?

  • Main unit: includes spectrometer(s), light source (UV models) , electronics (50W halogen light source is included in microscope illuminator)
  • Fiberoptic probe
  • Upright inspection microscope with four long WD objectives-95 mm parfocal length (UV and NIR models have three visible and one UVVisNIR achromatic 8x objective)
  • TFCompanion -R software Advanced version (USB dongle (license key), Software, user guide and other materials on USB memory stick )
  • Calibration sample (Si or Al depending on the model) and black absorber pad
  • Test sample- 200nm oxide wafer
  • USB cable (connecting main unit to computer)
  • Universal power adapter (110V/220V)

In addition, MProbe includes the following Semiconsoft advantages:

  • Library with over 500 materials and support for parameterized materials
  • 12 months of free software updates and application support
  • Hardware upgrade program
MProbe 40 system

MProbe 40 thin film measurement system

Why use MProbe 40

Micro spot: measure with spot size < 4 µm

Flexible: select the best hardware configuration for your application. MProbe model and options. Already have microscope? We can help to integrate…

Affordable: up to 50% savings as compared to other commercial instruments

Precision: unmatched precision <0.01nm or 0.01%

Materials database: extended database (500+ materials) is included

Software: flexible, user friendly and powerful software; integrated control/data acquisition and data analysis; any filmstack: no limits on number of layers, support inhomogeneous and thick incoherent layers, surface roughness, multi-sample analysis, etc.


Technical support: application and technical support

Patterned wafers, MEMS, other samples that require small measurement spot.

Practically any translucent or low-absorbing film can be measured: SiO2, SiNx, DLC, Photoresist, Polymer, Polyamide, polySi, nanocrystalline Si, aSi, Si, Parylene, industrial coatings.

1nm-1000µm thickness range

Thin-film solar cells: aSi, CIGS, CdT, TCO

Semiconductor and dielectric materials (Photoresist, oxides, nitrides, OLED stack)

Optical coatings (Anti-Reflection, Hard coatings, Filters)

Liquid Crystal displays (Cell Gaps, ITO, Polyamides)

Magnetic media, laser mirrors, thin metal films

-MXY[6 or 8 or 12]Motorized XY stage 6” x6” (150mm) or 8”x8” (200mm) or 12’x12″(300mm) Controller and software support for mapping is included. 0.5 mm step size 1 mm repeatability8”x8” manual stage is included as standard with all models
-TOMTransmittance measurement configuration. Includes: glass insert for stage and light source/condenser and fiber opticsfor Vis and IR models
– Microscope Adapter Allows imaging of the sample with measurement spot at the time of measurement (no change of optical path). Includes SCMOS Camera. Can be attached to camera port any upright microscope (C- Flange compatible)
-CCD Eyepiece camera (2MP)other cameras are available
-APO100 APO 100x objective (visible) 95mm parforcal length R=0.7um 10x 20x 50x and 8x UVVisNIR (for relevant systems) are standard
Microscope objectives

Four microscope objectives, Parfocal 95mm

Microscope objectives

Microscope adapter

Microscope adapter with camera and SMA905 connector

Microscope RET attachment
APO Objective

APO Objective

APO Objective dimensions

MProbe 40(MSP) System Standard Configurations
ModelWavelength range(nm)Spectrometer/DetectorLightsourceThickness
Vis-MSP400-1000Spectrometer F4/Si CCD 3600 pixels/ ADC- 16 bitTungsten-Halogen 10nm- 75µm
UVVisSR-MSP200-1000Spectrometer F4/Si CCD 2048 pixels/ ADC- 16 bitDeuterium/Tungsten-Halogen1nm-75µm
HRVis-MSP700-1100Spectrometer F4/Si CCD 2048 pixels/ ADC- 14 bit /resolution Tungsten-Halogen 1µm-400µm
NIR-MSP 900-1700F4 Spectrometer InGaAs CCD 512 pixels: ADC- 16 bit Tungsten-Halogen 50nm- 85µm
VisNIR-MSP 400-1700 Two spectrometer channels/ detectors (F4 Si 3600 pixels CCD and F4 InGaAs 512 pixels PDA) /ADC- 16 bit Tungsten-Halogen 10nm- 85µm
UVVisNIR-MSP 200-1700 Two spectrometer channels/ detectors (F4 Si 2048 pixels CCD and InGaAs 512)/ ADC – 16 bit Deuterium/Tungsten-Halogen 1nm-85µm
VisXT-MSP 800-870 F4 spectrometer/InGaAs 512 pixels PDATungsten-Halogen 10µm-1400µm

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