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The MProbe HC: Thin Film Measurement System for Hardcoat films

MProbeHC with Manual ProbeFCMProbeHC with Manual ProbeFC
Headlights HC Measurement ResultHeadlights HC Measurement Result

The MProbeHC is a complete thin-film measurement system for hardcoat films on flat or curved surfaces.  MProbeHC is based on the MProbe 20 platform with advanced data analysis algorithms specifically designed for hardcoat applications. Some examples of applications are hardcoat film on polycarbonate lens for eyeglasses,  hardcoat layers on headlights in automotive manufacturing process, polymer/bio-compatible coatings on medical devices/implants.

You’ll be ready to start measurements right away – everything is included.

MProbeHC system allows measuring coatings on curved surfaces quickly and reliably using  manual probe (CSH). Manual probe has a soft rubber bottom and can be placed directly on a curved part. There are 2 models of the manual probe: CSH (measurement spot ~ 2mm) and CSHF (measurement spot ~ 200μm) that can be used depending on the application. The probe conforms to the curvature of the sample and accurate measurement can be performed easily. It is used for measurement of the parts larger than 1” (25mm)

MProbe HC  system provides robust and easy to use solution. For this application, our TFCompanion software uses advanced Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) algorithms –that can be easily adjusted/trained to measure even most challenging samples. Measurement process is easy for inexperienced operator to use and understand.
Coating lab operator can quickly and easily measure parts right after removal
from the coating system.

Hardcoat layer, actually, includes two films: inter-penetration layer (IP) and the main layer. Both of these layers are measured simulteneously.

What’s in the box?

  • Main unit (includes spectrometer(s), light source, electronics)
  • Reflectance probe
  • Manual Probe
  • TFCompanion -R software Advanced version (USB dongle (license key), Software, user guide and other materials on USB memory stick )
  • Calibration sample (glass plate)
  • USB cable (connecting main unit to computer)
  • Universal power adapter (110V/220V)

Wavelength range[nm]400-1000nmcomment
Thickness range15nm -50µmUsing hardcoat FFT algorithm require at least one layer >2µm
Precision 0.01% or 2nm using FFT algorithm
Accuracy 2nm
Measurement time typical <100msdepends on the reflectivity of the sample

Application Note: Measurement of Hardcoat

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