MProbe In-Situ measurement system: Real-time optical thickness monitor

Real-time broadband optical thickness monitor.
Special model – MProbe UVVisF – for measurement in high ambient light environment e.g. sputtering or other plasma assisted deposition techniques. Use of high-intensity flush Xe lamp with gated data acquisition, allows accurate measurement in most challenging environment.
Flexible integration: reflectance probe can be placed outside the deposition chamber optical port or inside, using a fiberoptics feedthru. Light can be focused on the sample surface or collimated.
Fast – no moving parts: typical measurement ~ 20ms
Any translucent films can be measured quickly and reliably.
BROCHURE: MProbe in-situ system

Extensive materials library: (500+ materials- new materials easily added). Support of parameterized materials: Cacuhy, Tauc-Lorentz, Cody-orentz, EMA and many more….

Easy integration with deposition control: OPC (DA2.0/3.0) and ModbusTCP interface. Hardware triggers (5V TTL) or programmable RS232 command.

Measured parameters: thickness, optical constants, surface roughness.
Chamber integration: Optical adapter (reduced kinematic mount) integrates smoothly with optical port flange, feed-thru adapter option for low/room temperature chambers
Integration with chamber control system (SCADA): build-in Modbus and OPC servers (optional)

MProbe UVVisF-Embedded

Embedded MProbe UVVisF with 2 measurement channels

System Configurations
ModelWavelength range nmSpectrometer/DetectorLight sourceThickness
Vis400-1100Spectrometer F4/Si CCD 3600 pixelsTungsten-HalogenHigh-precision measurement: 15nm- 20µm
UVVisF200-900Spectrometer F4/Si CCD 3600 pixelsXe Flash lamp light source1nm-20µm
NIR 900-1700F2 Transmission/ InGaAs CCD 512 pixels: ADC- 16 bit Tungsten-Halogen 100nm- 200µm
VisNIR 400-1700 Two spectrometer channels/ detectors (F4 Si 3600 pixels CCD and F2 InGaAs 512 pixels PDA) /ADC- 16 bit Tungsten-Halogen 15nm- 200µm
UVVis-NIR 200-1700 Two spectrometer channels/ detectors (F4 Si 3600 pixels CCD and InGaAs 512)/ ADC – 16 bit XE Flash Lamp+ Halogen light source 3nm-200µm

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