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TFCompanion Version-RE (Ellipsometry & Reflectance/Transmittance) Price $2950-E (Only Ellipsometry)Price $1950-R (Only Reflectance/Transmittance)Price$1500-R (Hardware integrated version)Price $3250-R supports Reflectance &; Transmittance-E supports Ellipsometry-RE support both Ellipsometry and Reflectance/Transmittance-R Hardware integrated: supports full integration (control and
data acquisition) with Ocean Optics, Avantes, BWTEK, StellarNet and Bayspec spectrometers
Version LevelStandard (Add $0.0)Advanced (Add $650)Imaging (Add $1100)Please the brochure for detailed description
Technical support and updates (after first year)None (Add $0.0)Standard Commercial (Add $450)Standard Academic (Add $450)one year of updates and technical support is included
with the purchase of TFCompanion
Academic discount (if applicable) Apply Academic discountApplicable to the students and staff of qualified
institution of higher education(Universities, Colleges)
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None (Add $0.0)123

Include at least one major release (annualy), new features and
improvements releases (at least quartely).Purchase two or three years maintenance package and save (10%
or 20% respectively)
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No UpgradeAdvancedImagingAcademic discount:

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