The Plasma Monitor: Real-time Broadband Fiberoptics System

Plasma Monitor System. 4 ChannelsPlasma Monitor System. 4 Channels

The Plasma Monitor is a real-time broadband multichannel measurement system that allows to monitor plasma emission simultaneously in 200-1000nm wavelength range.
Measurement time from 1 ms. High level of accuracy and reliability. Easy integration with production SCADA system using Modbus TCP or OPC (DA 2.0/3.0 and HDA) server included with the software. In addition, 5 digital I/O TTL signals gives different options for process control/integration. Measurement recipes (including acquisitions conditions, control options and plasma lines tracking) can be easily created in software. Results of the measurement can be stored in the internal or specified external database for review and analysis.

Multiple channels: one unit can have 1 to 8 channels.

What’s in the box?

  • Main unit: includes spectrometer(s) and electronics
  • Vacuum FeedThru (VFT) Fiberoptic probe with UVSR high-temperature
    UVSR fiber (SS fully interlocked). The probe length and conflat flange size are customized for the chamber requirements (no additional chanrge)
  • Plasma monitor software with user guide and other materials on USB memory stick )
  • USB cable (connecting main unit to computer)
  • Universal power adapter (110V/220V)
  • Option: OPC or Modbus server license
VFT fiberoptics probe

Fiberoptics probe with Vacuum feedthru

System Configuration Options
-Ch X number of channels (1 to 8) in one unit X – number of channels
-VFT XVacuum feed through with UVSR (solarization resistant) 400um core fiber X size of CF standard flange:2.75CF
– Probe I/O400 um core/ pure silica/ Al coated single fiber patch.jacketing 5mm SS fully interlock. Up to 400 deg.C. I -length of the fiber inside chamber O – length outside the chamber SMA terminated
-ColQuartz collimator. 6mm lens – SMA 905 terminated (for fiber connection) external thread UNF 3/8-24
– TRIn/Out trigger 5V TTL. 1 External (in) trigger to start measurement/5 in/out triggers Included by default
– ECEnhanced version:light collection (PDA lens) increased resolution <1 nm (higher resolution available on request)

Plasma Monitor Specification
Spectral range (nm)200-1000nm
Spectrometer/detector F4 spectrometer 3600 Si CCD/16 bit ADC.S/N >1000
Spectral resolution <2 nm (standard)/< 1 nm(enhanced)/ resolution up to 0.2nm available on request
Wavelength accuracy < 0.1 nm
Computer Interface USB 2.0
SCADA interface build in Modbus/OPC server
Weight (main unit) 2 kg (1 channel)/ 4kg (4 channels)
Size (main unit) 8”x 10” x 4” (1 channel)/ 8”x 12” x 4” (4 channels)

Plasma Monitor System brochure